Anthony J Davis

Qualifications: Dip Civ Eng, MIE Aust, CP Eng, RPEQ

Anthony (Tony) has 50 years’ experience in civil and structural engineering including a number of years with a large multi-national consultancy in the 1970’s and a period with the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, both of which provided opportunity and exposure to large scale structural and civil engineering projects.

Tony formed Davis Associates Pty Ltd in 1980 practicing primarily in commercial and industrial projects including medium rise office buildings, low rise light industrial and heavy industrial manufacturing facilities. During this period Tony was also involved in the establishment of a precast concrete manufacturing business in partnership with a major client at the time gaining valuable experience in the practical applications of precast concrete.

During the 1990’s Tony ventured into the Asian market applying precast concrete technology to a range of products in China and Malaysia.

In the last decade Tony has concentrated on the local market with emphasis on industrial facilities and in particular heavy duty concrete pavement technology and has been engaged on a number of major investigations into pavement failures throughout Australia.

In 2021 Tony stepped back to become a consultant to the company and to focus on legal cases as an expert witness.